Bronchitis Now….uggh!

Poor poor Ben!

First the cold, then the asthma diagnosis, then the seasonal flu and now bronchitis.  Can it just stop already????

He had a dry hacking cough when he had the flu but it changed to this wet productive yucky cough.  He then started complaining that when he coughed stuff was coming up from his lungs.  Off to the pediatrician we went.  Sure enough….wheezing and junky lungs.  Pedi said he had a secondary bronchitis from having the flu.  Breathing treatments and z-pack, recheck in 2 weeks.

G I V E      H I M    A    B R E A K!!!!!!!


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I'm a 35 year old working mamma to 3 wonderful kiddos all with chronic health issues. View all posts by Tracey

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