Monthly Archives: December 2009

ENT appt — Ben

Another 6 months and some great ear tubes.  The ENT must really use glue on that boy when he puts his tubes in.  He had to have the last set surgically removed and this set is staying just as well.  But that’s fine with me since it’s his second set.  Maybe once this set is out we’ll finally be done!!!

The Wean

Remember this post where I wasn’t real happy with the decision by the GI doctor & APRN not to go along with my trial off the periactin for Sam?  Well, I talked with a friend of mine, who also happens to have a kiddo with CVS on periactin, and she agreed with me on several things:
  1. the docs in that group don’t really listen
  2. the periactin definitely could be causing Sam’s behavior & sleep issues
  3. trialing him off is a great idea
So, today starts the wean.  He currently takes x mg.  Today we will go to 1/2x mg for a week and then off for 6 weeks and see how he does.  Hopefully he will have no vomiting episodes.  But really, I’m not sure how much the periactin has been helping anyway.  He goes for 4-6 months cycle free and then will have 3-5 cycles all in a row.  That is when they up the dose.  Then wha-laa no more cycles for the 4-6 months.  But is that the periactin helping or is that just the way his cycles naturally go?
I think I forgot to mention in that post that he had an opposite reaction to Benadryl when he took it for a drug reaction around age 3.  He was quite hyper and didn’t sleep for days.  That is why I wonder if the periactin is affecting him negatively.  I guess only time will tell.