Back on Periactin

The wean went successful for Sam coming off the periactin.  He takes it for the cyclic vomiting syndrome.  He came off it fine and then had only one cycle while he was off.  It was the day after Christmas, so could have been caused by the excitement of Santa & the presents, etc.  It was a fairly easy cycle with us being able to break it with just zofran.  Some cycles are soooo much worse!!

As for his behavior and sleep…..I didn’t think there was really much change.  😦  He still continued to be crazy and hyper etc.   Much like he was when he had the paradoxyl reaction to the Benadryl.  The sleeping is so much better now but it is because once I knew it wasn’t the periactin I enacted a reward system that is working wonders!! 

On Monday of this week he again complained of some mild nausea, not really a cycle, just mild nausea so I decided it was time to restart the periactin.  Three days into it I wondered if there really was a difference in his moods off it vs. on it.  Sure, he’s a hyper rambunctious boy but in the 4-6 weeks he was off I don’t remember seeing any episodes where he got VERY angry when he didn’t get his way.  Three days into being back on it I did.  I remember these episodes well too!!  When Sam doesn’t get his way he gets quite angry.  He yells in a totally different voice and if angry enough he hits.  I really don’t remember ANY of these episodes when he was off the periactin.  Now though, I really wish I had known to closely watch for these along with the sleep issues and craziness. 

I don’t really want to take him off again so soon and really confuse his little body.  So, I guess my plan now is to keep him back on it for long enough to see if these anger reactions are happening often.  If they are then I’ll take him back off and see if they really do stop.  And if they do then no more periactin for Sam!  It’s not really worth it to be so angry at 4 years old.  Not when there are other meds out there.


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