Benjamin’s story

First ear infection at 5 months old.  Second one at 7 months old. Followed by pattern of ear infection, antibiotic then another ear infection in 2 weeks.


First set of ear tubes at 11 months along with adenoid removal.


Continued with ear infections even with ear tubes in.


At 3 1/2 years old ear tubes had to be surgically removed as they never fell out!!  Also had tonsils removed at this time due to sleep apnea and continued ear infections.  One ear drum took awhile to heal the hole left by the tube.


Healed ear drum was infected 4 weeks after tube removal, and quickly followed by a second ear infection.  Ear tube surgically placed in that ear.


Second ear healed followed quickly by an ear infection so an ear tube was immediately surgically placed.


Diagnosed with cough varient asthma at 6 years old.





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