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Red Man Syndrome……or not?

When Sam had his open heart surgery he got vancomyocin for his peri-operative antibiotic.  When you have surgery you always get an antibiotic ward off any surgical infection. There are 2 they usually pick from. One is ancef which is in a family that is closely related to penicillins (which Sam is highly allergic to) and can lead to cross reactions. For this reason the surgeon picked to use vancomyocin. No chance of reaction….or so he thought!Sam got the first dose during surgery. The second dose was given 8 hours later in the PICU and about 1/2 way thru he looked like this:

Sam’s vanco reaction

They called it not an allergic reaction but an adverse reaction called Red Man Syndrome (RMS) which can happen with vanco. But I had a patient with that once and Sam looked nothing like that patient. If you look at the pic his eyes and lips are swollen. He got better with benadryl. If it is RMS then they can give it again just with benadryl before the dose and then run it slower. So, they did 8 hours later and he this time just got 6-8 hives on his face.
I showed the pic yesterday to Sam’s GI and she agreed with me that it was an allergic reaction! I told her I was considering taking him to a pediatric allergist (appt on Dec 17) and talking it all over with him. She agreed that was a great idea! So, I guess that’s the next step for my little antibiotic allergic one. Uggh! Does it ever end!!!!!

Latest ENT/GI visits

Today was Jennifer’s next appointments with her doctors in Boston. She saw both ENT and GI. The visits went very well.

ENT: He is happy with how well she is doing. Said all looks great and she progressed quite fast after the surgery getting onto the thin liquids. The fact that she does still cough some when drinking is fine and that should slowly go away with more time as her body continues to learn how to swallow with her new anatomy. But no aspiration by swallow study is great news. He doesn’t want to see her for a year unless things change. If at a year things still look so great then he will officially discharge her from his service!!!

GI: We talked about how much Jen is still refluxing and how it’s actually hard to tell. Jen tells me at some point everyday that her tummy hurts. But she says that no matter what is actually bothering her. It could be her big toe but she’ll say it’s her ‘tummy’. And when she coughs (not while drinking) she almost always says it’s ‘on yuckys’ meaning that she refluxed. So we aren’t sure if she still refluxes or not. We are going to try cutting her prevacid to once daily now that the surgery site is all healed up though.

The mild fructose (sugar) intolerance seems to be getting better. Her theory is that she got it from some stomach bug and that she just needed time to heal her intestines. She’ll stay on the probiotic a bit longer until that is completely gone. No plans to retest currently.

Jen is handling soy lethicen and small amounts of soy oil currently. When I tried higher amounts of soy oil she was definitely refluxing so she wants me to stay where we are for 4 more weeks. Then try increasing the amounts of soy oil over 4-6 weeks. If she handles that fine then after that time period add in soy yogurt. If in 4 weeks she does ok on the soy yogurt then add in soy milk. By then it will be time to see her again. We are to NOT add in any dairy before seeing her again. She wants her tolerating soy well before even thinking about any form of dairy.

The only thing she is concerned about in Jennifer is her height. From age birth to 6 months she steadily increased in height to catch up from being born early. Then from 9 months until 18 months she was 50-75% in height on the growth charts. But all the sudden at age 2 she dropped to 15% and then at age 3 to 8%. All this time her weight has been steadily 50%ish. (Well not at birth!! Hee Hee!) But she said it is highly unusual for a child to drop percents in height only. Usually children will drop in weight only or wt and height together but rarely in height alone. For this reason she will probably have her evaluated by an endocrinologist to see if there is an underlying reason for this drop in height.

All in all that’s the visit. 1 year until ENT again and 4-5 mos until GI again. Mostly good news.

Not again

After having an entire week free of the erythema multiformen(EF)/hives and getting much better from his bronchitis Sam is broken out in the EF again!!  Uggh!!!

This time I noticed it right before putting on his PJ’s when getting him ready for bed last night.  It was not nearly as bad as last time but most definitely there.  Having just given him his claritin I didn’t give him any benadryl.  Also as it makes him so hyper!!

So, I guess a call to the ped’s office is in order for the am today for several things.  First, for a Rx for atarax for the EF since the benadryl makes him so hyper.  Next, to see if they want to see him again (though it is pretty pointless) and lastly, to see what (if anything) the next step is.  Not sure if he needs to go and see an allergist at this point or what. 

I was willing to go with it being viral induced last time but after being a week free of any outbreaks and now feeling much better that seems unlikely.  And the only meds he had gotten before were Vick’s and robitussin and he hasn’t had ANY exposure to them.  I do have food lists for both days but other than yogurt and chicken nuggets there aren’t any other matches for foods for both days. 

I’m at a loss…………………………………………!

Colds, allergies and asthma….part 2

We are back from the pediatrician with Samuel.  We ended up having to go early and somewhat urgently.  I gave him a breathing treatment at 12:45 that he asked for.  He had asked for the one 4 hours previously too.  That one had worked well though.  At the end of the lunchtime one he said “I don’t feel better” and when I asked if he needed to go to the doctor early he said “No, I feel a little better.”  So I put him down for a little rest time.

Not even 5 min later he was up calling for me.  I went up there and he couldn’t finish a sentence but managed to get out that he needed “another treatment”.  At this point I noticed that he was breathing pretty fast too.  Called the pediatrician’s office and they said to bring him right down.

His O2 sat was good there and he was improved enough to speak in full sentences but he was still breathing pretty fast.  The doc (luckily same one as saw him on Sat) said his lungs went from slightly wheezy to VERY wheezy and quite junky.  Now my poor little guy has bronchitis along with this episode of viral induced asthma 😦  We are to continue his breathing treatments and have added an antibiotic and steroid.  He expects in about 24 hours we should notice a huge difference.  And he wants to recheck him on Friday.

Guess I should restart Jennifer on her singulair tonight before she heads down this road too!!

Colds, allergies and asthma…part 1

The title pretty much sums up our weekend with Sam.  He has had a cold for over a week now and this weekend took a turn for the worse.  He’s my one that gets every bug that comes through the poor little guy.

It started out innocently enough as just a cold with a cough.  But his claritin and some Vick’s on his chest was managing it pretty well.  Then Friday he came home from daycare feeling a bit warm.  We were getting ready to go out to dinner as a family so I was going to change him out of his daycare clothes and I find this:

It was basically covering his whole trunk.  My initial thought was Scarlet Fever but then a certain familiarity came to me with this rash.  It is erythema multiforman.  Or in English a severe form of hives that signals an allergic reaction.  He had this once before at about 8 months when on an antibiotic.  It lasted almost 3 days and was awful for him.  

After speaking with the nurse at the pediatrician’s office he got a dose of benadryl and some tylenol.  Looked much better after about 30 mins.  But still had a temp of about 100.4.  Nothing too major.  They wanted to see him Sat am if he still had the fever.

Sat am he wakes covered in spots again and with a temp of 101.  Off to the doctor we go.  He looks him over and cannot find a reason for the fever.  Then asks if he was one of my wheezy kids.  I say yes, he had infantile asthma but has outgrown it as of last winter.  Then he says that he feels bad telling me this but he is wheezing.  Ahhhhhhhh!  Back to breathing treatments we go:


Now, about the rash, before we knew what the source of the allergy was so we can avoid that antibiotic in the future.  This time…….not so easy.  The doc isn’t sure if it’s the cough medicine we gave him a dose of, the Vick’s we were putting on him or the cold virus itself.  Only time will tell I guess.

The rash lasted 1 1/2 days this time, was gone by Sunday morning and was incredibly itchy for him.  He got lots of benadryl and unfortunately turns out to be one of those kids that benadryl makes hyper….uggh!  Then I thought we were done but Sunday afternoon he spikes a fever of 102 this time and is covered in regular hives.  Not nearly as bad a reaction but still reacting again.  

So we are off to the doctor again today to see why still a fever……….

Wonderful new nondairy/nonsoy yogurt and ice cream

I went to our local health food store the other day to get Jen some more yogurt and found that instead of just the usual rice based yogurt they now have a coconut based one.  It was a bit more expensive (about 40 cents more) but I figured worth a try.  Boy am I glad I gave it a chance.

It is wonderful!!!  Much richer and creamier than we are used to in a nondairy, nonsoy yogurt.  And the taste just cannot be beaten!!  

Jen ate only half but I think that is because it is so much richer in taste than she is used to.  I was happy to finish the other half which never would have happened with the rice based one!

We got a container of the chocolate ice cream too and she is loving that too!!  Here is a link to the company who makes it’s webpage.  They even have a coupon you can print for them!

Goldfish crackers!!!

The thing that Jennifer misses the most about being on the MSPI diet is goldfish crackers.  They were one of her favorite snacks.  She would cry for them when we first changed her diet and we would never let the boys eat them in front of her.  Our daycare is so great too that they even stopped serving them to the kids on the days she was there!!!

Well, the other day I was searching the net for some new recipes for her and came across this recipe for vegan goldfish crackers.  I figured heck why not give them a try.  SHE LOVES THEM!!!!!  She asks for them at every meal and every snack time since I made them!!!  Even Sam likes them!!  The hubby and I tried them and he wasn’t super impressed but I thought they were a pretty good substitute.  But really, the important thing is that Jen thinks they are great!!!  So I just wanted to share.  

Again, this is the blog where the recipe is.