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Wonderful new nondairy/nonsoy yogurt and ice cream

I went to our local health food store the other day to get Jen some more yogurt and found that instead of just the usual rice based yogurt they now have a coconut based one.  It was a bit more expensive (about 40 cents more) but I figured worth a try.  Boy am I glad I gave it a chance.

It is wonderful!!!  Much richer and creamier than we are used to in a nondairy, nonsoy yogurt.  And the taste just cannot be beaten!!  

Jen ate only half but I think that is because it is so much richer in taste than she is used to.  I was happy to finish the other half which never would have happened with the rice based one!

We got a container of the chocolate ice cream too and she is loving that too!!  Here is a link to the company who makes it’s webpage.  They even have a coupon you can print for them!


Goldfish crackers!!!

The thing that Jennifer misses the most about being on the MSPI diet is goldfish crackers.  They were one of her favorite snacks.  She would cry for them when we first changed her diet and we would never let the boys eat them in front of her.  Our daycare is so great too that they even stopped serving them to the kids on the days she was there!!!

Well, the other day I was searching the net for some new recipes for her and came across this recipe for vegan goldfish crackers.  I figured heck why not give them a try.  SHE LOVES THEM!!!!!  She asks for them at every meal and every snack time since I made them!!!  Even Sam likes them!!  The hubby and I tried them and he wasn’t super impressed but I thought they were a pretty good substitute.  But really, the important thing is that Jen thinks they are great!!!  So I just wanted to share.  

Again, this is the blog where the recipe is.