Samuel’s story

Jennifer’s twin–born 5 weeks early
Outgrew reflux by 8 1/2 months.  Treated briefly with zantac then prevacid. 
Born with a heart murmur.  Had a heart ultrasound (echo) on day 2 of life that showed his foramen ovale was still open (usually shuts with first breath, but not always on preemies).
Hospitalized along with Jen at 3 weeks old for a sepsis work up for a high fever.  Had a major apnea/bradycardia/desat episode during this hospitalization.  Still had a murmur so had another echo which showed the same as the first one.
Had severe case of hives called erythema multiformae to augmentin for an ear infection at 8 months so can no longer have any antibiotics in the pennicillin class. 
At 19 months seen by pulmonologist for continued wheezing episodes with viral illnesses.  Diagnosed with infantile asthma.  Only need to treat per asthma plan as they come.  No preventative needed.
Just prior to 2nd b-day still had murmur so sent for another echo that was read by pediatric cardiologist.  Shown now to have a rare congenital heart defect called a subaortic membrane.  Told it will have to be watched yearly.  Could outgrow it or could need open heart surgery to removed it in the future.
Saw pediatric cardiologist for first time right before 2nd b-day.  Again around 3rd b-day.
Just over age 3 diagnosed with cyclic vomiting syndrome after repeated episodes of vomiting with no other cause.  Takes periactin daily to prevent cycles.
Saw pediatric cardiologist around 4th b-day and told that the subaortic membrane had grown significantly in the past year.  It is now causing damage to his heart and needs to be removed.  Removed by open heart surgery in Nov 2009.
?Allergic reaction to vancomyocin antibiotic during post-operative period of open heart surgery.  Awaiting appt (dec 17) with allergist

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